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Month: May 2023

From War Horns to Video: Uniting Brand Advocates with Resounding Purpose

Centuries ago, the war-horn played a special role in world-changing military campaigns. With a resounding blast, it communicated clear commands, united troops in purpose, and sparked civilians with loyalty and allegiance. The sound evoked camaraderie, determination, and unwavering focus, forging the outcome of battles and shaping history itself.

For today’s world-changing brands, video is a modern equivalent of the war-horn—a catalyst for unity and purpose. Like the war horn cutting through the chaos of the battlefield, video can break through the noise, evoke deep emotions, and captivate audiences.

A Different Frontier

Modern world-changers face a different landscape than the battle fields of old. Rather than conquering nations by force, world-changing brands vie for the allegiance of customers through brand purpose. The moment when a viewer first encounters your brand is pivotal. With a resounding rally cry in video form, your brand becomes more than just a name in the eyes of your viewer. It becomes an invitation of shared purpose, a personal call to the individual to join forces with something exciting, inspiring, invigorating. In an instant, video can align the brand’s purpose with the viewer’s own aspirations, inspiring trust and a sense of connection and belonging.

Uniting Audiences

An anthem video has the unique potential to unite employees and customers alike. In some instances, it’s not even necessary to address each group separately. Backed with a genuine and compelling brand purpose, the same message can often energize and engage both audiences. The goal is to cultivate a community of advocates who champion your brand within their own circles, propelling your message forward in a symphony of shared purpose.

Skillful Performance

The success of a brand’s video lies in its execution. Tasteless, poorly targeted videos fall flat, leaving viewers unaffected or confused. However, a well-crafted video can deeply resonate, uniting people behind a shared vision and inspiring them to take action. Memorable brands distill their purpose into visually captivating narratives that speak directly to the hearts and minds of their audience.


With video, brands can hit the same notes as the war-horn throughout history: rallying troops, conveying purpose, and inspiring unity. By harnessing the power of visual storytelling, brands can foster a community of engaged stakeholders who support and champion the brand’s cause. Rally cry videos serve as powerful instruments, summoning the collective spirit of a brand’s purpose and propelling it toward success.