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Our Work

Discover a world of creative inspiration and thought-provoking insights from the Magnus Creative team.
Our Approach

Through moving images we help brands connect with their clients, using proven marketing methodologies to turn prospects into paying customers. 

Our Work - Sysco Foods
Sysco Logo
Get ready to be spellbound by the mesmerizing stop-motion artistry of Magnus Creative, showcased in their latest collaboration with Sysco.
Thomas Reuters Legal Business Solutions Video Production
Thomas Reuters Logo

Experience the power of storytelling as Magnus Creative delves deep into the challenges faced by law firms to promote Thomson Reuters.

Our Work - Bank of Tennessee
Bank of Tennessee Logo

Experience how engaging and captivating videography can assist in the seamless transition to new banking technology in this video created for Bank of Tennessee!

Bank of Tennessee Conference Opening Video Production
Bank of Tennessee Logo
Learn how Magnus creative can help make your next conference unforgettable. Check out this suspenseful and uplifting video that set stage for an event that left the audience inspired and energized.
Our Work - Bank of Tennessee
Pelnik Insurance Logo

Discover how we’ve helped countless businesses transform their audience into loyal customers through our captivating and informative videos that educate and engage like never before. 

Our Work - Bank of Tennessee
Bank of Tennessee Logo

Experience the grand opening of Bank of Tennessee’s new headquarters through our captivating video, documenting the building’s contruction and showcasing the bank’s bold vision for the future.

Our Work - My Pay
Thomas Reuters Logo

Discover the power engaging and informative videos that guides viewers through a compelling storyline, showcasing how Thomson Reuters can transform their business.

Thomas Reuters Investigative Services Video Production
Thomas Reuters Logo

Empower your customers with the knowledge and tools to mitigate potential risks through our powerful video that educates and provides effective solutions, helping you earn their trust and loyalty. 

Thomas Reuters Tax Software Video Production
Thomas Reuters Logo

Check out how our engaging and informative videos can promote your service and increase your leads.

Our Work - Medtronic
Medtronic Logo

Check out how the power of videography can highlight the true value of new products to sales teams, setting them up for success in the market.