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Thomson Reuters

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Thomson Reuters wanted to promote their payroll management solution, MyPay, to potential clients. Magnus Creative was brought in to help visualize the potential challenges and pressure associated with handling payroll.

The Scope

  • Production

  • Live Action Video

  • VFX / Compositing

  • Motion Graphics


Thomson Reuters approached Magnus Creative with the task of creating a video that could promote MyPay Solutions, a payroll service by Thomson Reuters, in a unique and engaging way. The video had to showcase the pressure and potential risks associated with taking on payroll tasks, and communicate the importance of using a reliable service provider.


Through collaboration with the client, Magnus Creative crafted the idea of using a stormy world as the visual metaphor for potential failure at this task. This insight helped the team to create a concept that would resonate with the target audience and effectively communicate the message of the video.


Magnus Creative produced, filmed, edited, colored, and added visual effects to the video, all done in downtown Johnson City, TN. Using local talent for production and post-production, the team was able to elevate the story and provide high production value across the range of services they offer.

The resulting video successfully captured the attention of the target audience, showcasing the importance of using a reliable payroll service like MyPay Solutions, and delivering the message in a unique and memorable way.

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Using Video to Show Your Customers You Have the Answers.

Visualizing a solution to a problem can be the difference between success and failure. That’s why at Magnus Creative, we specialize in creating powerful videos that showcase how your company’s products and services can solve your customers’ problems.

By using the power of visualization, we help you tell a compelling story that captures your customers’ attention and keeps them engaged. Whether you’re launching a new product, introducing a new service, or simply trying to increase brand awareness, our team of experienced professionals can help you craft a video that resonates with your audience and drives results.

Don’t just tell your customers you have a solution to their problem – show them with a powerful video from Magnus Creative.