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Author: Brad Magnus

The Power of a Rally Cry Video

In the crowded and noisy SaaS business landscape, leading with purpose has become a pivotal strategy for brands aiming to differentiate themselves. One of the most powerful tools in this endeavor is the rally cry video—a captivating and inspiring visual representation of a brand’s purpose. This video has the potential to change the trajectory of a brand, permeating every aspect of a company’s culture, from marketing and sales to internal employee happiness. In this blog post, we will explore how a rally cry video can ignite a brand’s purpose and drive positive change throughout the organization.

1. Capturing the Essence of Purpose:

A rally cry video serves as a vehicle to articulate and capture the essence of a brand’s purpose. It goes beyond marketing jargon and communicates the core values and beliefs that underpin the brand. By condensing the purpose into a compelling visual narrative, the video creates an emotional connection with the audience and inspires them to align with the brand’s mission. This clarity of purpose serves as a guiding light for the entire organization.

2. Inspiring Cultural Transformation:

When a brand message is imbued with purpose, it has the power to permeate every aspect of a company’s culture. The rally cry video becomes a catalyst for cultural transformation, aligning employees with the brand’s purpose and fostering a sense of collective ownership. As employees internalize the purpose, it drives their actions, decisions, and interactions with customers. A purposeful culture promotes collaboration, innovation, and a shared commitment to creating a positive impact. If you’ve never asked your customer facing team what makes your product different, you should. I’m often shocked by the answers I get from VP’s and CEO’s who live and breathe a company yet come up short.

3. Empowering Meaningful Marketing:

A rally cry video acts as a powerful foundation for the brand’s marketing efforts. It provides a clear direction for storytelling, enabling the creation of authentic and impactful campaigns. By infusing purpose into marketing messages, brands can connect with their target audience on a deeper level. Purpose-driven marketing resonates with consumers, inspiring them to engage, support, and advocate for the brand. The rally cry video serves as a constant reminder of the impact the brand seeks to make and guides marketing strategies that align with the purpose.

4. Driving Sales and Customer Loyalty:

Purposeful leadership extends beyond internal culture and marketing—it influences sales strategies and customer relationships. Consumers are more likely to support a brand that stands for something meaningful. The rally cry video acts as a rallying point for the sales team, equipping them with a compelling story to share with customers. When sales representatives are aligned with the brand’s purpose, they become passionate advocates, inspiring trust and loyalty in customers who appreciate the brand’s commitment to making a positive difference.

5. Fostering Employee Happiness and Engagement:

When a brand chooses to lead with purpose, it creates an environment where employees feel connected to something greater than their individual tasks. The rally cry video serves as a unifying force, enhancing employee happiness and engagement. When employees understand and believe in the purpose, they find meaning and fulfillment in their work. Purpose-driven companies often experience higher levels of employee satisfaction, increased productivity, and reduced turnover. Employees become brand ambassadors, spreading the purpose internally and externally.

The rally cry video is a transformative tool that can change the trajectory of a brand. By leading with purpose, a brand’s message permeates every aspect of a company’s culture, from marketing to sales to employee happiness. The video captures the essence of purpose, inspiring employees and customers alike. It serves as a guiding light, aligning the organization’s actions with its values and beliefs. Purposeful leadership empowers brands to differentiate themselves, create meaningful marketing campaigns, drive sales, and foster a culture of engagement and happiness. In a world where purpose-driven brands are increasingly valued, the rally cry video becomes a catalyst for positive change and enduring success.

Leading with Purpose

In an era where consumers are increasingly conscious of the impact their purchasing decisions have on society and the planet, leading with purpose has become a fundamental strategy for brands. Today’s consumers seek more than just products and services—they want to support companies whose purpose aligns with their own values and beliefs. The 2017 Cone Communications CSR Study shed light on this consumer mindset, revealing that 87% of consumers would purchase a product because a company advocated for an issue they cared about, while 76% would refuse to purchase a product if they discovered a company supported an issue contrary to their beliefs. In this blog post, we will explore the power of leading with purpose and how it can drive consumer support and loyalty.

1. The Importance of Purpose Alignment:

Consumers are no longer satisfied with merely buying products; they want to align themselves with brands that share their values. When a company’s purpose aligns with consumers’ beliefs, it creates a powerful emotional connection. Consumers feel that their purchase decisions are making a positive impact, and this sense of purpose drives their loyalty and support. This of course is only possible if the product is first a great product that meets the customers’ needs. No amount of shiny philanthropy can make up for a broken promise.

2. Authenticity and Transparency:

Leading with purpose requires authenticity and transparency from brands. Consumers can discern when a company’s purpose is genuine and when it is merely a marketing ploy. To establish trust, brands must be transparent about their values, initiatives, and impact. By showcasing a sincere commitment to their purpose, companies can foster a sense of authenticity that resonates with consumers and builds long-lasting relationships. Your free authenticity tip of the day, your company purpose doesn’t need to be a non-profit.

3. Differentiation and Competitive Advantage:

In a crowded marketplace, leading with purpose can be a powerful differentiator. When consumers are faced with numerous options, they are more likely to choose a brand that aligns with their values. Purpose-driven companies stand out from the competition by appealing to consumers on a deeper, more emotional level. By clearly communicating their purpose and the positive impact they are making, these brands capture the attention and loyalty of conscious consumers.

4. Building Lasting Customer Relationships:

Consumer loyalty is crucial for long-term success, and leading with purpose is a catalyst for building strong customer relationships. When consumers identify with a brand’s purpose, they become more than just customers—they become advocates. They not only make repeat purchases but also promote the brand to their networks, both online and offline. By fostering a community of passionate brand advocates, purpose-driven companies benefit from increased customer loyalty, positive word-of-mouth, and ultimately, sustained business growth.

The 2017 Cone Communications CSR Study underscored the significance of leading with purpose in today’s consumer landscape. Consumers are eager to support brands that align with their values and actively advocate for the issues they care about. By authentically embracing purpose and demonstrating a genuine commitment to positive change, companies can attract loyal customers, differentiate themselves in the marketplace, and drive meaningful impact. As consumer expectations continue to evolve, leading with purpose is no longer an option—it is a strategic imperative for brands seeking to win the hearts and minds of today’s socially conscious consumers.

From War Horns to Video: Uniting Brand Advocates with Resounding Purpose

Centuries ago, the war-horn played a special role in world-changing military campaigns. With a resounding blast, it communicated clear commands, united troops in purpose, and sparked civilians with loyalty and allegiance. The sound evoked camaraderie, determination, and unwavering focus, forging the outcome of battles and shaping history itself.

For today’s world-changing brands, video is a modern equivalent of the war-horn—a catalyst for unity and purpose. Like the war horn cutting through the chaos of the battlefield, video can break through the noise, evoke deep emotions, and captivate audiences.

A Different Frontier

Modern world-changers face a different landscape than the battle fields of old. Rather than conquering nations by force, world-changing brands vie for the allegiance of customers through brand purpose. The moment when a viewer first encounters your brand is pivotal. With a resounding rally cry in video form, your brand becomes more than just a name in the eyes of your viewer. It becomes an invitation of shared purpose, a personal call to the individual to join forces with something exciting, inspiring, invigorating. In an instant, video can align the brand’s purpose with the viewer’s own aspirations, inspiring trust and a sense of connection and belonging.

Uniting Audiences

An anthem video has the unique potential to unite employees and customers alike. In some instances, it’s not even necessary to address each group separately. Backed with a genuine and compelling brand purpose, the same message can often energize and engage both audiences. The goal is to cultivate a community of advocates who champion your brand within their own circles, propelling your message forward in a symphony of shared purpose.

Skillful Performance

The success of a brand’s video lies in its execution. Tasteless, poorly targeted videos fall flat, leaving viewers unaffected or confused. However, a well-crafted video can deeply resonate, uniting people behind a shared vision and inspiring them to take action. Memorable brands distill their purpose into visually captivating narratives that speak directly to the hearts and minds of their audience.


With video, brands can hit the same notes as the war-horn throughout history: rallying troops, conveying purpose, and inspiring unity. By harnessing the power of visual storytelling, brands can foster a community of engaged stakeholders who support and champion the brand’s cause. Rally cry videos serve as powerful instruments, summoning the collective spirit of a brand’s purpose and propelling it toward success.

A Brand Purpose Is More Than a Non-Profit: The Power of Purpose in Understanding Customer Impact

When we think of a brand’s purpose, we often associate it with philanthropic endeavors or acts of corporate social responsibility. However, a brand’s purpose can extend beyond these conventional notions. It can lie in the profound understanding of how a product or service impacts its customers on a deeper level. We like to talk about helping world changers change the world. We believe that changing the world doesn’t have to be 4B users on a platform. It can be as simple as daily removing one difficult task from one user. A brand that is leading with purpose doesn’t always need to create a non-profit to live out a purpose. In this blog post, we will explore how a brand’s purpose can be rooted in the genuine understanding of customer impact, highlighting the significance of empathy, connection, and delivering meaningful experiences.

1. Shifting Perspectives on Purpose:

While charitable initiatives and social causes are undoubtedly valuable, a brand’s purpose can also be derived from the intrinsic value it brings to its customers. By shifting the perspective of purpose, brands can place greater emphasis on the ways their offerings positively influence the lives of their customers. This approach acknowledges the deep-seated connection between a brand and its consumers, ultimately enhancing brand loyalty and long-term success. One of my other businesses is a franchise mosquito control service called Mosquito Shield. I arrived at the purpose of that business after being in the business only a couple months; it is giving families precious time together in their own backyards. There’s very little more valuable to a family than time together, and getting chased inside by mosquitos robs them of that time.

2. Empathy as the Driving Force:

To understand customer impact, a brand must cultivate empathy—the ability to put themselves in their customers’ shoes and truly comprehend their needs, desires, and challenges. By empathizing with their target audience, brands can develop a profound understanding of how their product or service can make a meaningful difference in customers’ lives. This empathetic approach becomes the foundation for purpose-driven strategies that prioritize customer well-being and satisfaction.

3. Delivering Deeper Experiences:

A brand’s purpose lies in going beyond superficial transactions and delivering deeper experiences that resonate with customers on an emotional level. By understanding the impact their offerings have on customers, brands can tailor their products or services to address specific pain points, enhance daily routines, or bring joy and fulfillment. This customer-centric approach elevates the brand from being a mere provider to a trusted companion that genuinely improves the lives of its customers.

4. Building Lasting Relationships:

A brand that understands its customers on a deeper level fosters authentic connections and builds lasting relationships. By aligning their purpose with customer impact, brands can establish a sense of trust and loyalty. Customers appreciate brands that genuinely care about their well-being and provide value beyond the transaction. These meaningful connections lead to customer advocacy, word-of-mouth referrals, and continued engagement, resulting in sustained growth and success.

5. Evolving Purpose for Evolving Customers:

As customer needs and expectations evolve, so should a brand’s purpose. By continuously reassessing and adapting to changing customer dynamics, brands can stay relevant and continue to make a positive impact. Brands that remain committed to understanding their customers on a deeper level and consistently deliver products or services that align with their evolving needs will thrive in a rapidly changing market.

A brand’s purpose doesn’t always have to be centered around philanthropy or freebies. It can stem from a genuine understanding of customer impact—how the product or service positively influences customers’ lives on a deeper level. By cultivating empathy, delivering meaningful experiences, and building lasting relationships, brands can create a purpose-driven approach that resonates with customers and drives long-term success. Understanding customer impact becomes the compass that guides a brand’s decisions and actions, ensuring that its offerings continue to meet the evolving needs and desires of its customers. By embracing this customer-centric purpose, brands can forge stronger connections and make a lasting impact in the lives of their valued consumers.